The Last Escort Men

Section 7
After the February Revolution of 1917 and the abdication of Nicholas II, His Majesty's Own Escort was reorganized into two Guards Divisions (the Kuban and the Terek), which then participated in the Civil War on the side of the White Army.

The exhibition introduces photographs, congratulatory addresses, personal belongings and uniforms from this period. A figurine of a Cossack, who served in the Escort, made by the firm of Carl Faberge, which belonged to Nicholas II (from the collection of the State Museum Pavlovsk), and a "farewell" glass, presented to all officers of the Escort at their last dinner at the Officers' meeting in Tsarskoye Selo in April 1917 before departure to the Caucasus (from the collection of the Russian History Museum located in the USA, Jordanville) are unique exhibits.
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