Exhibition catalog

Exhibition catalog
A full-colour illustrated catalogue (472 pages), which contains the exhibits, has been published. It includes 16 scientific articles on the topics of the exhibition, as well as illustrations depicting uniforms and equipment, cold-arms and firearms, household items, awards and regalia, pieces of painting, graphics, photographs, sculptures, and documents.

The catalog is published in Russian
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museum and archive collections
of contents
1. The Sovereign's Regiment and courtiers in the 1517th centuries
O.A. Kurbatov

2. The Stirrup (Stremennoy) Prikaz of the Moscow streltsy (shooters) (15651698)
M.Y. Romanov, O.A. Kurbatov

3. Mounted escorts of Russian Tzars and Emperors in the 18th century
O.G. Leonov

4. Uniforms and weapons of the Black Sea Cossack army guards
Y.F. Bunin, edited by D.A. Klochkov

5. Uniforms of the Life-Guards Caucasian-Mountain Half-squadron from foreign collections
D.A. Klochkov

6. Appendix. Exhibits of the section "His Majesty's Own Escort Under the Reign of Nicholas I"

7. Blade weapons of the national units of His Majesty's Own Escort
E.V. Tikhomirova

8. The Qajar dynasty representatives in His Majesty's Own Escort
E.E. Ismailov

9. The Life-Hussar Crimean Tatars squad of His Majesty's Own Escort
A.V. Sakovich

10. The escort of Alexander II (Alexander the Liberator) on the day of the tragedy (March 1, 1881)
D.K. Matlin
11. Appendix. Exhibits of the section "His Majesty's Own Escort Under the Reign of Alexander II"

12. Escort uniforms of Emperor Nicholas II
A.S. Rogatnev

13. The Officers' Assembly and the Barracks Complex of His Majesty's Own Escort in Tsarskoe Selo
E.N. Shvigleva

14. The Feodorovsky Sovereign Cathedral in Tsarskoe Selo
L.V. Bardovskaya

15. His Majesty's Own Escort in 19141917
D.A. Klochkov

16. Appendix. Exhibits of the section "His Majesty's Own Escort Under the Reign of Alexander III and Nicholas II"

17. Uniform, weapons and personal belongings of T.K. Yashchik from museums and private collections
Y.F. Bunin, S.V. Talantov

18. Ranks of His Majesty's Own Escort in exile
T.V. Yanchauskas

19. Appendix. Exhibits of the section "The Last Escort Men"

20. Guarding traditions of the Russian cavalry. The Cavalry Honorary Escort of the Moscow Kremlin Commandant Service Presidential Regiment of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation
D.A. Klochkov

21. Appendix. Exhibits of the section "The Cavalry Honorary Escort"

22. References
Previous catalog
In 2020, a similar multi-page illustrated catalog was released for the exhibition " Empire and the Caucasus. Weapons, uniforms, military traditions. XIX-the beginning of the XX century". The catalog contains more than a thousand illustrations on 504 pages.

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