Mounted escorts of Russia from the XVI century to the present day
The exhibition tells about the mounted escort and convoy units and units that accompanied the Russian tsars and emperors, as well as about the modern Cavalry honorary escort of the Presidential Regiment, which today performs ceremonial functions
Exhibition sections
1. Cavalry Escorts of the Russian Tsars in the 16th — 17th centuries
The section is about the mounted security formations of the period before Peter the Great, namely the Sovereign's regiment, The Stirrup (Stremennoy) Prikaz, etc. It presents rare pieces of clothing, armament, horse trappings, weapons of the 17th century, which were used when escorting the Russian tzars
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2. Mounted Escorts in the 18th century
The section is dedicated to the escort units of the 18th century, namely the Chevalier Guard and the Chevalier Corps, the Life-Hussar Squadron, the Don and the Chuguev Cossack troupes of Catherine II, and the Life-Hussar & Cossack Regiment of Pavel I
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3. Guards Black Sea Cossacks
The section introduces the history, uniforms, and weapons of the Black Sea Cossack Sotnia (later the Life-Hussar Black Sea Cossack Squadron, the Life-Hussar Black Sea Cossack Division) during 1811–1861
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4. His Majesty's Own Escort Under the Reign of Nicholas I
The section demonstrates exhibits related to the history, uniforms, weapons and regalia of the first units of His Majesty's Own Escort Under the Reign of Nicholas I
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5. His Majesty's Own Escort under the reign of Alexander II (Alexander the Liberator)
The section is about His Majesty's Own Escort under the reign of Alexander II, its units, its participation in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878, and the tragic attempt on the life of the emperor on March 1, 1881
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6. His Majesty's Own Escort Under the Reign of Alexander III and Nicholas II
The section refers to the last period of the pre-revolutionary history of mounted escort formations and covers the reigns of Emperors Alexander III and Nicholas II. By the beginning of the 20th century, many traditions had been formed in His Majesty's Own Escort. Its honorable participation in World War I proved that this military formation not only was able to protect the imperial family, but also had a high combat capability
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7. The Last Escort Men
The section is dedicated to the fate of the ranks of His Majesty's Own Escort after 1917, their life in exile in Yugoslavia, participation in World War II on the side of the USSR's enemy, and the further fate of the last escorts who ended up in the United States after the war
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8. The Cavalry Honor Escort
The section refers to the history of a modern mounted unit, the Cavalry Honorary Escort of the Moscow Kremlin Commandant Service Presidential Regiment of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation, formed on the basis of the 11th Separate Cavalry Cossack Regiment
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The exhibition presents weapons and uniforms, regalia, paintings, graphics, photographs and sculptures related to equestrian escort units and units of the XVI–XXI centuries
Exhibition catalog
Based on the materials of the exhibition, a multi-page illustrated catalog was released.

472 pages, 1000 + illustrations, 16 scientific articles
Location of the event
The exhibition is held in the Cameron Gallery at
the address: 7 Sadovaya Street, Pushkin, Saint Petersburg
Visit the exhibition
The exhibition runs from July 23 to October 18, 2021
every day, except Thursday, from 11.00 to 19.00
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