Guards Black Sea Cossacks

Section 3
In 1813, after Napoleon was expelled from Russia, the Imperial Escort was reformed for the purpose of protecting Alexander I. It consisted of the Life Guards Cossack Regiment and the Black Sea Cossack Sotnia (Hundred) of 100 soldiers, attached to it. The Sotnia was formed on May 18, 1811, consisting of the best Cossacks of the Black Sea Host, formed under the reign of Catherine II from the Zaporozhye Cossacks resettled in the Kuban. The Black Sea Cossacks fought bravely throughout the Patriotic War of 1812 and the foreign campaign of the Russian army in 1813–1814. During the Battle of Leipzig (the Battle of the Nations), their attack managed to turn the course of the battle in favour of the allies and actually saved the life of Alexander I and the two allied monarchs.

After 1814, the Guards Black Sea Cossacks occasionally performed the function of escorting the emperor. In 1861, the Black Sea Life Guards entered His Imperial Majesty's Own Escort and continued to serve, protecting the emperor. The section presents rare samples of uniforms and weapons, and picturesque paintings and drawings illustrate the brave Black Sea Cossacks.
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